New 2019-20 Dress Code

New Dress Code Policies
Posted on 06/18/2018



SY 2019 -2020

We, at Forest Hill, are concerned about your academic achievement as well as your safety.  Generally it is accepted that cleanliness, good grooming, and appropriate dress are necessary to reduce distraction, promote health and provide a productive learning atmosphere.  As such, extremes in dress and personal appearance, which tend to cause distractions or pose health problems, will not be tolerated at Forest Hill Community High School.  

As a general rule, all styles of clothing designated for a specific non-school activity or designed to call undue attention to the wearer are not appropriate at school.  The following regulations set limits on what is permissible:

  1. ALL students must wear lanyard with their school issued ID at ALL TIMES 

  2. Solid-color polo style or t-shirts are permitted.  Approved FHCHS t-shirts are allowed. (This does not include P.E. t-shirts).  Undershirts are NOT to be longer than the school shirt.  In cold weather ONLY, sweaters or jackets may be worn over these shirts.  No sleeveless shirts or see-through fabrics will be permitted.  College t-shirts are allowed on approved days (Wednesday).

  3. Solid colored pants, shorts, capris, and jeans must be worn at the natural waistline.  Knee-length shorts and skirts are also acceptable.  Please NOTE the following:

    1. Undergarments should not be showing.
    2. Sweats, stretch, spandex / leggings, cargo, or camouflage pants/shorts are not allowed.
    3. See-through pants are not allowed.
    4. Jeans with frays/holes are permitted. Holes/rips/frays should NOT come higher than a students' mid-thigh, and frays may not expose undergarments. Please note that holes/rips/frays will be at the discretion of the Principal and/or the Principal's designee. 

  4. Closed toe shoes are permitted, such as sneakers, boat shoes, or ballet flats. Please note that bare feet, flip flops, backless shoes, sandals and house slippers are NOT ALLOWED.  Shoes with cleats or abrasive soles that may cause damage to school property are NOT PERMITTED.

  5. Sweatbands, hair rollers, curlers, picks, bandanas, hats, hoods or other head coverings or headgear are NOT PERMITTED.

  6. Clothing, jewelry or buttons with words, phrases, symbols, styles, pictures, or insignia which are obscene, profane, suggestive, racist, religiously or sexually offensive, related to drugs or alcohol uses, depict violence, or gang related are PROHIBITED.  Items that deface or alter national emblems or pose a safety hazard are also inappropriate (ex. Large heavy metal rings, chains, wristbands, headbands, or belts with studs.

  7. Inappropriate exposure of the body is not allowed (examples: no bare shoulders, no cropped bare midriff, no bare backs, sides or chests).  Jackets or sweaters cannot be worn to cover inappropriate exposure or clothing.

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